Let's end the obsession with food, fat and dieting for good. 



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Hey I'm Celia, I'm looking forward to supporting you!

After overcoming my own challenges with Disordered Eating and through my work as a Disordered Eating Specialist, Therapist, Consultant and Trainer,  I've developed a compassionate and holistic approach to working with Disordered Eating.  ​ If you want to be living your best life instead of spending your time and energy consumed by thoughts about food and your body, I'm here to help. Together we can get you unstuck so you can finally heal your relationship with food and your body for good. 

What could change look like?

I'm here to help you...

  • Break the cycle of food restriction and binge eating that is no longer serving you

  • Decompress, process and heal from the impact of diet culture

  • Tame your harsh inner critic

  • Align with the needs of your body

  • Integrate the parts of you previously disowned, abandoned or denied

  • Chart a new course towards self awareness and inner leadership

  • Truly heal heart, body and mind.

It's time to take a breath and trust yourself, I'll be with you every step of the way!



No more waiting, you can heal and lead the life you want. 

Discover the inner resources available to you and heal from Disordered Eating for good.